Introduction to Our Practice

Our focus has always been on taking the best care possible of the individual and going that extra yard.  I like to think that has always been our mantra. 

We truly care about the person sitting there.  It's just not a foot sitting in front of us, it's a person with feelings and emotions.  When we are talking with them about their foot problems, we take all that into consideration.  We really care completely about our patients.

Each of us will not rest before we get to the bottom of your problem.  We are going to try everything we can to help your foot problem but also to make you feel like someone is there with you, trying to get to the bottom of it for you and not just in and out of the door.

That is one of the things that sets us apart from the others, is just how much we care for our patients.  I have been partners with them for 27 or 28 years.  The staff sees how well we get along.  It helps the staff to get along.  The patients see it and the patients feel it.  It is just a warm comfortable environment in the office, a friendly atmosphere and that makes it much more enjoyable for the patients and our staff.