Our Articles Are a Florida Patient’s Guide to Overcoming Common Foot and Ankle Issues

Staying informed about your condition will not only help you treat it, but can prevent it from coming back. Our library provides a wealth of information about diabetic foot care, bunions, heel pain, toenail ailments, and more. Search through our articles to find out more about your condition.

We also offer a free monthly newsletter that shares helpful information about foot health and overall wellbeing! There's also tons of helpful information from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeon's monthly Footnotes newsletter.

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  • October 2017 Newsletter In this issue, you'll meet our unofficial mascot, learn how to make your own foot cream, and more!
  • August 2017 Newsletter Meet our new Kissimmee doctor, learn how to choose kids’ gym shoes, get tips to keep toenails healthy, find out the benefits of rowing, and more!
  • July 2017 Newsletter Find out about our fun photo contest, get tips to keep summer feet safe, learn about buddy taping and wearing the right shoes, and discover a great foot soak recipe!
  • June 2017 Newsletter In this June issue, learn what to do if you have high arches or ball of foot pain, the benefits of fresh air, helpful ways to lace your shoes, and more!
  • Morton’s Neuroma The doctors at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida discuss Morton’s neuroma, including what it is, why it happens, and what can be done about it.