Why does it feel like there’s a pebble in my shoe?

Have you ever felt like there was a pebble in your shoe? The first step is to check and see if there actually is one there. If so, you remove it and go on your way. Pain in the ball of the foot

In the event you have the sensation that there is something in your shoe—and nothing is actually present—then you might have a Morton’s neuroma. This condition is a thickening of nerve tissue, often onset by excessive pressure on the front of the foot. Symptoms can include burning and tingling pain, and faulty sensations (like the aforementioned phantom pebble, or the feeling your sock is bunched up).

Whereas this is the most likely explanation for the feeling, your best course of action is to come in for an appointment with one of our expert podiatrists. They will provide an accurate diagnosis and then create an effective treatment plan for you.

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