Why are my feet tingling?

There are several potential causes of tingling in your feet, so it is important that we perform a complete foot exam before making a diagnosis. Some of the conditions which can cause tingling sensations in the feet include neuromas, neuropathy, metatarsalgia, tarsal tunnel syndrome, peripheral arterial disease, and lower back problems.

These conditions are varied and may require different treatment paths to provide the relief you need. We will discuss a treatment plan with you to address the root cause and any additional symptoms being experienced.

No matter what’s causing your tingling feet, Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida can provide the care you need. Call 407-339-7759, unless are calling from Lake County (in which case dial 352-589-9550), and our staff will be happy to provide additional information. You can request an appointment at that time, or online right now, for any of our five Florida offices: Kissimmee, Orlando, Lake Mary, Tavares, or Altamonte Springs.