When is bunion surgery necessary?

Bunions are progressive in nature, which means they will worsen over time when not addressed and in some cases will need surgical intervention to correct the deformity. That said, not all bunion cases need surgery.

Bunion surgery Generally speaking, bunion surgery is reserved for cases where conservative care is unable to provide relief of discomfort, when you have trouble finding shoes to fit and feel comfortable, and especially when the condition causes difficulty performing everyday activities. Toes that are unable to bend and/or drift inward to the point of crossing over other toes are more likely to require surgical intervention.

Bunion surgery is often able to relieve painful symptoms and restore the performance of normal activities for patients. But we do not recommend surgery for every patient that comes to our office with a bunion. In order to determine the best course of treatment for you, schedule an appointment at one of our five Florida offices.

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