What should I do after foot surgery?

Post-operative care is an important part of any surgical procedure. Too often, issues arise when patients do not follow the instructions provided. Understanding what to expect beforehand, though, puts you in a better position to minimize post-operative complications and achieve positive surgical results.

Post surgery careThere are a variety of surgical procedures that our doctors perform and patients will be given specific post-op precautions depending on the type of surgery.  With that in mind, some general guidelines include resting, keeping bandages clean and dry, and being sure to keep follow-up appointments.

In various cases, you will be prescribed medication, and it is important to follow our instructions regarding dosage and frequency. Icing is often beneficial to reduce swelling and manage post-operative pain. In addition to resting and icing, you may be instructed to keep your foot elevated.

Daily activities may need to be put on hold for a certain period of time, and you may be required to take time off from work depending on your type of job.

We will provide more detailed information both before and after your surgical procedure. If you have any questions regarding post-op care, give Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida a call at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County) and we will be glad to provide assistance.