What is the itching and burning between my toes?

In many cases, burning and itching between toes is an indication of athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). This is a common fungal infection, one that is easily contracted. The offensive fungus simply needs a warm, damp environment to thrive, and this can accurately describe a foot encased in a sock and shoe.

Itching and pain between the toesIf you are experiencing a burning or itching sensation between your toes, you should check to see if it is accompanied by a red, scaly rash. Should the sensation start to spread across more of your foot, it makes it even more likely that you have contracted this fungal infection.

Men are more likely than women, and older individuals are more likely than younger ones, to experience this infection. That said, people of all ages and both genders have contracted athlete’s foot. While some people have success with over-the-counter products, many others find that they simply do not work.

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