What is Sever’s disease?

Achilles TendonSever’s disease is the leading cause of adolescent heel pain. Not many people are actually familiar with the condition, however. Also known as calcaneal apophysis, Sever’s is not actually a disease, nor is it an injury. Instead, this is a condition that develops when the heel bone (calcaneus)—more specifically, a growth plate found in the back of the bone—reaches physical maturity before the Achilles tendon.

Because of a fully-developed heel bone and still-growing Achilles tendon, there is a painful tugging in the back of the heel. This pain can then be exacerbated by physical activity.

Sever’s disease goes away on its own over time, and without leading to any long-term issues, so treatment is centered on managing the painful symptoms (as opposed to correcting the condition). We have various options at our disposal to help your son or daughter find the relief they need. This is important because if your child starts altering the way he or she walks (on account of the pain or discomfort) it could lead to other issues.

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