What are some rare foot conditions?

Our Florida podiatrists treat patients for many common lower limb conditions. In some cases, though, a patient will come in with a problem that isn’t seen very often. Some of these include:kids running in the outdoors

  • Kohler’s disease. Most often seen in boys between the ages of 3 and 5, this condition causes swelling, tenderness, and pain in one of the two feet. This is the result of avascular necrosis (bone deterioration from impaired blood supply).
  • Freiberg’s disease. Adolescents between the ages of 12-15 who experience vaguely-located forefoot pain that worsens with physical activity might have this rare condition.
  • Buerger’s disease. Intermittent pain, inflammation, painful open sores, and toes that become pale when exposed to cold temperatures are symptoms of this condition. Buerger’s disease is linked to tobacco usage.

Given the wide range of foot and ankle issues—from common to rather rare ones—it is important to remember that anything unusual in the lower limbs should be evaluated. Our doctors can help you understand what is happening, and then create an effective treatment plan to address it.

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