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Our patients are full of questions both before and during treatment. In order to help patients find relief as quickly as possible, our Florida podiatrists have compiled the most popular questions about bunions, diabetic foot injuries, ingrown toenails, and more on one page. Search our FAQ for fast answers!

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  • Are flat feet common?

    If you find out you have them, you may wonder “Are flat feet common?” Essentially, yes, they are, but fortunately, they are often painless, especially when observed in children. 

    New parents can be concerned when they don’t see the familiar foot arches for newborns. This is especially common, since babies are born with pads of fat obscuring the infantile arches. Even as a child starts walking, he or she will not likely exhibit foot arches until around age 3. Arches do not fully develop until around age 8, so it is still not a big surprise to see a child with flat feet.

    Even into adulthood, flat feet might not be normal, but they are fairly common.

    Most cases do not cause pain or create issues, but some do. If you have flat feet and are experiencing pain or problems (or a loved one is), Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida can help. Our doctors can provide an accurate diagnosis, and then create an effective treatment plan.

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