Get the Fact on Your Foot or Ankle Condition in Our Podiatry FAQ

Our patients are full of questions both before and during treatment. In order to help patients find relief as quickly as possible, our Florida podiatrists have compiled the most popular questions about bunions, diabetic foot injuries, ingrown toenails, and more on one page. Search our FAQ for fast answers!

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  • What causes warts?

    It is fairly common to wonder what causes warts. We will start by letting you know it doesn’t have anything to do with frogs or toads. Instead, warts are caused by a virus, specifically the human papillomavirus (HPV). This virus is most often found in warm, damp environments—locker rooms, showering areas, pool decks, sweaty feet—and has over 100 different strands.

    Not all strands of HPV cause warts, and even the same strand might cause a wart for one individual, but not another person. In addition to the virus, though, there also has to be a path into the body for a wart to grow. Given the fact viruses are microscopic, this means the skin break doesn’t even have to be large or visible.

    Warts could possible go away on their own over time, but you don’t have to wait for this to happen (which is good because it can take years). Instead of experiencing discomfort or tenderness on your foot due to a wart, reach out to our medical experts at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida and we can safely remove it for you. Call us at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County) and request your appointment at any of our Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, or Tavares offices today.

  • How can I safely get rid of warts?

    You can find many recommendations online for wart treatment, but the safest, most effective way to eliminate a problem wart is with professional care.

    There are wart removal kits available for purchase at stores and pharmacies, but the effectiveness of these products is fairly suspect. Additionally, they often rely on salicylic acid, which can harm the healthy skin surrounding the wart.

    Some people advocate the use of the “duct tape method.” In this process, duct tape is used to cover the wart for a period of time, and then removed. At this point, an emery board or file is used before the wart is covered for another period.  This method however does not address the virus that is responsible for causing the wart and is rarely successful at eliminating the wart.

    If you are attempting to eliminate a wart at home, we cannot emphasize enough you should not perform “home surgery” and try to cut it out on your own. This can potentially lead to an array of issues, and may cause an infection.

    The best practice is to simply have our medical professionals at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida remove the wart for you. We can do this safely and effectively, so call us at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (for Lake County residents) and request an appointment with any of our five Florida offices.