How will my activity be affected after foot surgery?

Will my activity level be affected after foot surgery?  The answer to this question depends on what type of foot surgery we perform. In some cases, activity after foot surgery can be resumed after healing without any modifications. Conditions where this might be the case include fractured bones, turf toe, and midfoot injuries. In other cases, recovery is even quicker and activities may be resumed shortly after surgery.

Hammertoes, bunions, and other common foot deformities could potentially have a longer healing time. But the good news is, once you have completed your recovery, you should have a greatly reduced level of pain and discomfort from what you experienced before the procedure.

It is also possible that your activity levels will be restricted. This can be the case when we perform joint fusion to treat a severe case of arthritis in the foot and other types of major reconstructive procedures.

Your ability to perform activities after foot surgery depends on several variables, but we will discuss your surgery with you and answer your questions prior to surgery so you will know what to expect.

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