How long does it take to recover from flatfoot surgery?

A major consideration when it comes to deciding whether or not to pursue surgical intervention for a medical issue is the time it takes to recover from the procedure. In the case of flatfoot surgery recovery, you will likely face approximately 12 weeks to achieve permission for full weight-bearing activities.

Looking at the events that unfold after the procedures is over, the first thing to note is that patients typically go home the day of the surgery. In some instances though, a patient may need to stay in the hospital overnight. We will place the affected leg in a cast or splint and you will have to keep it elevated for the first two weeks. After two weeks, we will remove the sutures and issue a new cast or removable boot.Recovering from flatfoot surgery

For the first six to eight weeks, it is important not to put any weight on the corrected foot. At approximately eight weeks, you may start to gradually resume weight-bearing. Between eight and twelve weeks, weight-bearing will be progressed, along with the use of ankle bracing and shoe inserts.

Our goal at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida is to treat your flatfoot condition with conservative techniques. This will be our initial treatment plan, and we will only recommend surgery if those methods do not provide the relief you anticipate. 

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