How can diabetic individuals avoid amputation?

One of the leading causes of lower limb amputations is diabetes. If you are diabetic, you can take measures to reduce your risk. Collectively, these measures are part of a diabetic foot care plan created with the help of our doctors to help you manage possible lower limb complications.

Specific measures to help you avoid lower limb amputation include:

  • Daily foot inspections. Every night, check your feet for anything that looks out of the ordinary.
  • STOP smoking. Smoking contributes to nerve damage, and circulatory problems which may leave you unable to feel damage in your lower extremities.
  • Control your blood sugar. High glucose levels also damage nerves.
  • Choose shoes carefully. Our office can provide recommendations for diabetic footwear to keep you safe.
  • Be careful when clipping your toenails. Improper nail trimming practices increase the risk for ingrown toenails, which can open the door for potential infections.  Our office can provide routine foot care.

For additional information, or to have one of our doctors help you create a diabetic foot care plan, call Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (when you call from Lake County). Our staff will schedule an appointment for you at one of our five offices in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, and Tavares.