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  • What is the bump on my heel?


    Painful bump on heel of footThe two most likely explanations for the bump on your heel depend on the location of the abnormal lump and the causative factors. When you have a bump on the back outer edge of your heel, the condition is known as either Haglund’s deformity or, more informally, pump bump. This condition is commonly caused by stiff, closed heels that apply persistent pressure to the back of the foot. The “pump bump” moniker comes from the fact that high-heeled shoes are frequently to blame.

    If the abnormal bump is on the very back center of your heel, you likely have a heel spur. This calcium buildup is commonly associated with a tight Achilles tendon and develops when the tight tendon tugs on the heel bone it is anchored to.  It is important to know that a help spur can also develop on the very bottom of the help and is frequently associated with another heel pain malady known as plantar fasciitis.

    For an accurate diagnosis, and a customized treatment plan, be sure to come in and see one of our doctors here at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida. While you may have either a heel spur or pump bump, we need to see you in person for an accurate diagnosis. No matter what we find, you can trust that we will strive to provide the relief you are seeking. Call us today for more information at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if you call from Lake County), or request your appointment online.