Does laser treatment hurt?

At Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida, we recommend laser therapy to help with a variety of medical conditions. However, sometimes patients wonder, “Does laser treatment hurt?” The good news is laser treatment is painless and safe. Some patients may experience a slight sensation at the point of application or a mild warmness. But there should not be any discomfort.

Laser services are a highly effective alternative for treating both pain and toenail fungus. Laser therapy is approved by the FDA, which is the governmental regulatory agency responsible for ensuring that medical equipment is safe and able to perform its intended function. This means you can have peace of mind knowing you are safe if choosing this treatment option.

Whether or not laser treatment is the right choice for you depends on several variables, but we can discuss your treatment options during your appointment at one of our convenient central Florida locations. Call us today at 407-339-7759 (or 352-589-9550 for Lake County residents) for more information.