Can you get carpal tunnel syndrome in your feet?

Carpal tunnel syndrome has received a lot of attention over the past twenty years, but the good news is, it doesn’t affect your feet. Unfortunately, what you may develop instead is a case of tarsal tunnel syndrome. 

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome The simple reason you cannot develop carpal tunnel syndrome in your feet is because the carpal tunnel is found in your wrist. But there is a very similar anatomical structure found in your ankle, known as the tarsal tunnel. This canal contains various arteries, tendons, and nerves (including the tibial nerve responsible for providing sensation to the bottom of your foot). When the tibial nerve is compressed, it can cause burning, tingling, shooting pain, or even numbness.  

The good news for those who suffer from tarsal tunnel syndrome is that our doctors are highly-trained and experienced in providing treatment for this condition. If you have developed painful sensations, or numbness, in either of your feet, contact Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida. We will properly diagnose the issue (since there are other causes of nerve pain and numbness) and then create a customized treatment plan for you. 

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