Common Questions about Laser Treatment

Laser treatment may sound like something out of a sience fiction movie, but it is an effective treatment option for improving mobility and relieving pain in your feet and ankles. If you want to know more about this technology, reach out to the experts are Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida. 
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  • What types of conditions can laser therapy treat?

    Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida is proud to be on the medical technological forefront by offering laser therapy (exclusively in our Altamonte Springs and Sandlake offices) as a safe, effective treatment option. Some of the conditions that benefit from laser therapy include fungal nails, arthritis pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, strains, sports injuries and post-surgical swelling.

    Our FDA-approved laser for onychomycosis (toenail fungus) provides a safe, effective treatment administered in the comfort of our office without injections or anesthesia. Laser procedure uses a focused beam of light to eradicate the fungus embedded in the nail bed. During treatment you should not experience any discomfort and you walk out of the office just like you walked in, without any down time or interruption to your daily activities. One treatment normally eliminates the fungus, but we schedule you for three (all included in the cost) to be certain that the fungus is eliminated.

    Another innovative option is MLS® Laser Therapy. MLS or Multi-wave Lock System has been cleared by the FDA and proven successful as evidenced by extensive and credible research studies. Light energy enters the damaged cells and stimulates inter-cellular activity. This therapy can be used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and speed recovery of the damaged cells. Most patients experience positive results in 1 to 3 treatments, with the average course of treatment being 6 – 10 sessions. The effects of MLS® are cumulative, so you should see improvement as you proceed through your treatment plan. 

    Laser therapy is non-invasive and safe for most patients. The advanced technology used for lasers allows for precise control and shorter recovery time.

    To learn more about our laser procedures (offered in our Altamonte Springs and Sandlake offices), please call 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (when calling from Lake County) and our staff will be glad to help.

  • Does laser treatment hurt?

    At Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida, we recommend laser therapy to help with a variety of medical conditions. However, sometimes patients wonder, “Does laser treatment hurt?” The good news is laser treatment is painless and safe. Some patients may experience a slight sensation at the point of application or a mild warmness. But there should not be any discomfort.

    Laser services are a highly effective alternative for treating both pain and toenail fungus. Laser therapy is approved by the FDA, which is the governmental regulatory agency responsible for ensuring that medical equipment is safe and able to perform its intended function. This means you can have peace of mind knowing you are safe if choosing this treatment option.

    Whether or not laser treatment is the right choice for you depends on several variables, but we can discuss your treatment options during your appointment at one of our convenient central Florida locations. Call us today at 407-339-7759 (or 352-589-9550 for Lake County residents) for more information.