Why a Podiatrist is Best for Foot & Ankle Trauma

When you have really gone and done it to your foot or ankle, the first thought in your mind might not necessarily be vetting who you should see about it. You just want someone who can handle that ankle or foot trauma quickly and effectively!

We get that, definitely. But there’s still that matter of who you should turn to first. There are many medical professionals who will see you for a strain, sprain, fracture, or other form of trauma. But when it comes to foot and ankle injuries, a podiatrist should be the first call you make.

Why is that?

A podiatrist has the most direct experience with the structure of the foot.

The education of a podiatrist focuses entirely on the foot and ankle. From initial schooling to residency, we rarely expand our learning to any other part of the body.

The reason for this is rather sensible: there is a great deal of moving parts in your feet and ankles to manage! One foot and ankle contains:

  • 26 bones
  • 30 joints
  • more than 100 muscles

Put both of your feet and ankles together and they contain more than one-quarter of the total bones in your body! That’s a lot of ways things can go wrong.

To take things even further, ankle or foot trauma is often not like a broken pipe. Simply repairing the break might not fully fix the problem.

Think of the structure of the foot more as an intricately designed watch. If you simply replace a spring but ignore a situation with other parts that is causing too much stress on it, your watch might break again!

You must know how all the parts of the foot and ankle work together as a whole in order to have the greatest positive effects on repair and recovery. A podiatrist is trained specifically in knowing these connections, and podiatrist who have spent years in practice (like us!) have the real-world experience that matters so greatly in these situations.

Podiatrists have the tools for diagnosis and long-term treatment.  

The faster you receive a diagnosis, the faster you can get to the important business of finding treatment and relief!

A podiatrist’s experience with the foot and ankle goes a long way toward a proper diagnosis, but so does having the right diagnostic tools on hand. Digital X-rays and other in-office equipment is available at a moment’s notice without having to endure traveling elsewhere for special tests.

Once a clear diagnosis is made and all factors are considered, a podiatrist can then recommend the best course of action for treatment. This often isn’t just based on looking only at the problem itself; it also takes into consideration your lifestyle, your personal goals, your job—anything you need your feet and ankles for.

Just like all the parts of your foot and ankle are connected, your treatment should be connected to your needs!

At Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida, part of our relief and recovery treatment may include regenerative methods. Our Multi-Wave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy is an effective tool at lessening pain, reducing inflammation, and accelerating healing in many types of trauma, including sprains and fractures.

Additionally, as we mentioned previously, addressing abnormalities and weaknesses that can contribute to injuries should be part of an overall treatment plan, so as to avoid further problems. A podiatrist can identify these connecting factors more distinctly and provide suggestions in the form of custom-made orthotics, suggestions of exercises/stretches, lifestyle changes and other effective methods.

A podiatrist can have your whole foot and ankle history to reference.

With certain forms of foot and ankle trauma, there is a real concern that comes with improper healing.

For example, most ankle sprains are not that big a deal and can be treated effectively at home. However, when a sprain does not heal properly, it can lead to negative long-term effects such as chronic pain and ankle instability. Likewise, having had fractures or other trauma can also increase one’s risk of developing arthritis later on in life.

Having the backing of a professional who knows your foot and ankle history can be a substantial help toward anticipating and preventing future problems. If you are a patient of ours and sprain your ankle, we want to know!

We’re not going to ask you to come in for every little mishap, but we may recommend making an appointment if we feel the circumstances and symptoms surrounding your injury are concerning enough. Either way, we will have a record of your history just in case any complications ever pop up in the future.

More than a first response!

The best treatment for foot and ankle trauma isn’t just taking care of an injury itself. It also involves identifying any underlying problems, seeing best to a patient’s needs, and keeping ahead of any future problems that may develop.

We hope you don’t fall into any painful misfortune, but we also know the world doesn’t always work that way. Whenever you experience problems with your feet and ankles, make Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida your first point of contact.

We have offices in Orlando, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, and Tavares that are all ready to help you onto the road to recovery and beyond! Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to take the first steps today.

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