When to Worry About Your Child’s Flat Feet

Little boyThere are many causes for worry when you are a parent, but when should you be concerned about your child’s flat feet? Of course, worrying about an issue like this can take a backseat when something like the predication of Hurricane Matthew sweeps through and creates a real state of emergency. Obviously, there are more pressing concerns in times like that. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and are doing the best you possibly can under the circumstances.

Parents sometimes worry about flat feet in children, but this isn’t always a situation for worry. Foot arches take time to develop—with full development at about the age of 8. Foot arches can even be obscured by fat pads for the first couple years of life.

Some of the signs you may need to be concerned about your child’s flat feet include:

  • Pain. This is a big one. If your son or daughter is experiencing painful symptoms, it is time to bring him or her in to see us for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Affected gait patterns. The gait pattern is the specific biomechanical processes used when we walk. In the case of a flatfoot condition, a specific issue we often see is overpronation. Pronation is a natural process where the foot undergoes a roughly fifteen-percent inward roll starting with the heel strike and then continuing through the push-off stage. Some individuals with flat feet have an excessive rolling motion.
  • Increased risk of other issues. In accordance with an affected gait pattern, extra pressure on the inner edge of the foot can lead to greater risk of bunion development or worsening of an existing condition.

Essentially, if your child isn’t experiencing pain or faulty foot mechanics—even if he or she has flat feet—there isn’t any reason to worry. Treatment is generally not needed in these cases. If you aren’t sure, though, bring your son or daughter in to see one of our doctors here at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida and we can assess the situation.

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