What Is This Mysterious Spot on My Foot?

Eugene Pascarella
Dr. Eugene Pascarella, with a desire to help people, began Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida in July 1984.

Visitors to Florida often can’t wait to spot their first palm tree or dolphin. There are many great places here that visitors and Floridians alike go to enjoy the outdoors. From beaches to theme parks, you can have fun in the sun, but spotting something odd on the skin of your feet isn’t quite as desirable or exciting. In fact, a spot on your foot that wasn’t there before can be downright alarming!

If you’ve noticed a mysterious spot on your foot, reference these guidelines to determine if it is a cause for concern or nothing to worry about.

Mysterious Spot On My Foot?

Red spots:

Small, flat, or raised spots are likely to be cherry angiomas and are a harmless occurrence due to aging or heredity.

If they spread and are itchy, this indicates a fungal infection and could be athlete’s foot.

If they have a pearly appearance, this is a sign of basal or squamous cell carcinomas which are types of benign skin cancer.

Brown spots:

Flat patches in sun-exposed areas are often solar lentigines, otherwise known as sun spots that develop over time. These are no cause for concern.

If the spots are dark and rough, they may be benign Seborrheic keratosis, another result of aging, however, these can easily be mistaken for melanoma.

Dark, rough spots on the skin of your feet that have irregular borders, are asymmetrical, vary in color, or are large in size and continue to get larger, are signs of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

If you think the spot on your foot is skin cancer, it’s vital that you seek care right away. However, we recommend that no matter what the spot looks like, you should get it checked out. It’s the only way to truly determine a diagnosis and get the necessary treatment. Call Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida for an appointment by dialing 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County).

Remember: protect your feet from the sun, and if you spot anything out of the ordinary on the skin of your feet, be sure to give us a call.

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