Don’t Hide Your Fungal Toenails, Treat Them

Eugene Pascarella
Dr. Eugene Pascarella, with a desire to help people, began Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida in July 1984.

Newsflash: wearing socks with sandals is not a good fashion look! Sure, toenail fungus isn’t either, but your toes don’t have to stay in hiding all summer long. We can help you get rid of embarrassing fungal nails fast with our fungal toenail laser treatments!

If you try over-the-counter polishes or cream, you may be trying for a long time – hope you have a lot of socks! The fact is, toenail fungus is stubborn, and store-bought, over-the-counter treatments are typically just not up to the task. We can provide you with stronger, prescription-strength oral or topical medications, but for many people, laser treatments are the best bet.

Fungal ToenailWith this procedure, a concentrated beam of light passes painlessly and harmlessly through your nail to the fungus that has set up camp underneath. Instead of waiting for medication to reach the problem, the laser goes after it -- straight to the source -- zapping the toenail fungus and eliminating it before it has a chance to get worse. There are no side effects involved, and no down time either – you can go right back to what you were doing, or even choose to go open-toed sandal shopping if you wish! While the fungus is usually dealt with in just 1 treatment, we recommend 3 sessions just to be extra sure that all of the fungus has been eliminated at the nail bed. Then, watch your new, healthy toenail grow!

So, if you have yellow, crumbly, thick toenails, you don’t have to surrender to a life in hiding, nor wait for socks and sandals to become a trend (Psst…not going to happen). Let your toes be free and feel good about it by scheduling your fungal nail laser treatments today. Offered exclusively in our Altamonte Springs and Dr. Phillips-area locations.

Contact us at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County) and we’ll get you on your way to feeling confident and looking great in those sandals of yours. Take that toenail fungus!
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