The Road to Recovery for Foot and Ankle Injuries

There are many ways to spend a long weekend. Many people have cookouts or go to the beach. Others will take the time to work on home projects. Some families, though, will take advantage of a long week end to hit the road for a couple of days. Road trips with the family are one of the great American traditions. A family road trip can be a bonding experience and create memorable times.The Road to Recovery for Foot and Ankle Injuries

The road to recovery from a foot and ankle injury is often less enjoyable than a family road trip, and there are no kids teasing each other in the back seat. Kidding aside, your recovery from an injury has to follow a logical progression from the time the injury happens all the way until it has completely healed. Let’s take a look at this kind of journey.

When a foot or ankle injury is first sustained, it is important to use the right first aid practices to avoid further damage. This will depend a bit on the specific injury, but a good general practice is PRICE. This acronym stands for protection, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. You can protect the injured area by removing yourself from the activity that caused it. Then take time to rest and stay off the injured area until it is better. You can use ice, compression, and elevation to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

After first aid, your next stop is to make an appointment at one of our Florida offices for a professional diagnosis. Our doctors can examine the extent of your injury and determine what is actually wrong. During this process, we may find out there is an additional issue that needs to be addressed due to the biomechanics of your foot structure or movement.

Having completed our diagnosis, we will then create a customized treatment plan that takes into consideration not only the injury, but also factors like your recovery goals and the activities you perform. Fortunately, many foot and ankle sports injuries are successfully treated with conservative care and do not require surgery. If you do need a surgical procedure, though, we have the skilled, knowledgeable podiatrists to perform it for you!

For more information on recovering from foot and ankle injuries, contact our staff here at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida. Give us a call at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if you are calling from the Lake County area). Of course, you can simply use our online form to request your appointment at any of our Orlando, Mt. Dora, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, or Lake Mary offices right now!

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