Options for Bunion Surgery

Robert T. Hoover, II
Dr. Robert Hoover's specialties include treating flat feet and associated issues such as bunions.

A bunion is an unnatural bony growth (or bump) on the medial side (big toe side) of your foot, usually associated with the malalignment of the big toe joint.  It can be painful and there are arthritic-type changes associated with these deformities.  It is very common to get a hammertoe secondary to this misaligned big toe.

It is now possible to correct many bunion deformities without your podiatric surgeon having to perform an osteotomy procedure (surgically fracturing the bone).  This new technology allows for a quicker recovery and gets you back into your shoes sooner.  When I perform these types of bunion surgeries (using the KISSloc™ Bunion Correction System) my patient's recovery time is shortened (in most cases).

After the bunion is removed and I have corrected the intermetarsal angle deformity (when the inner foot bones are pointed toward each other), this System secures the first and second metarsal bones straightening the deformity.  The big toe heals in the correct, most natural position and recovery time is reduced.

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