Managing Your Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

Person rubbing their feetUnless you are quite familiar with human anatomy, you might not be aware that your body actually has its own “tunnel” found in the ankle. The tarsal tunnel houses various nerves, tendons, arteries, and veins and is covered by the flexor retinaculum, which is a thick ligament. Sometimes, in a condition known as tarsal tunnel syndrome, compression within the tarsal tunnel can lead to pain, tingling, burning sensations, and even numbness.


If you are experiencing nerve pain that radiates along the inside sole of your foot, potentially even extending up into the associated calf muscle, then it is possible you have tarsal tunnel syndrome. Should this be the case, we can provide treatment to alleviate the symptoms.


As we look at treatment possibilities, the best nonsurgical ones include: 


  • Arch supports or orthotic devices – We may include this recommendation in our treatment plan because these devices can provide relief from discomfort and painful symptoms brought on by this condition.  
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – Medication that relieves inflammation is particularly effective when the source of the problem is an inflamed nerve that causes compression. 
  • Steroid injections – In some cases, we elect to use certain steroidal injections to address the inflammation that is exacerbating the condition. 

Although conservative methods are beneficial for most cases, there are instances when a surgical procedure constitutes the best opportunity to address the condition. In such a case, we may use tarsal tunnel release or surgical decompression.  


For more information about tarsal tunnel syndrome, or to receive treatment that can help with painful symptoms, contact Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida.  


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