How to Know When Your Running Shoes Have Had Enough

Your socks get holes in them, your food gets moldy, and your car light goes on to tell you it’s time for an oil change, but how do you know when your running shoes need to be replaced? The signs might not be as obvious, but knowing what to look for, and keeping general rules in mind, will help you realize when it’s time for “out with the old and in with the new!” Running shoes.

Wear. Just as holes and mold and lights are easy to recognize, so too are signs of wear and tear if you look closely enough. Check to see if the soles have worn down. Sometimes this happens unevenly, so be sure to inspect both shoes thoroughly. If material has worn thin or if your shoes feel less supportive and no longer provide cushion – these are all clues they’ve had enough!

Discomfort. One tell-tale warning of worn-out running shoes is an increase (or sometimes, onslaught) of aches and pains. Old running shoes can put you at risk for all types of injuries, from tendinitis and heel pain to blisters and stress fractures! If you seem as though you’re sore and hurting consistently, don’t ignore it -- get new shoes!

Mileage. The “rule of thumb” is running shoes usually have a lifespan of 300 – 500 miles. That might seem like a big range, however. That’s because it depends on each individual’s use, and takes into consideration things like terrain, weight, foot strike, and other factors. The easiest way to keep track of mileage is to make a note in your running log as soon as you strap on a new pair of shoes.

If you tried to squeeze in a few more miles or a little more time to make your shoes last longer, and now you’re paying for it with a case of plantar fasciitis or shin splints, call us to get the treatment you need – then get to the running store and pick up some new shoes! That way, they’ll be ready to go when you are ready to start running again.

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