How Laser Therapy Eradicates Nail Fungus

It’s frequently said that the one constant in life is change. This certainly holds true in the field of medicine – wherein technological advances are continually providing us with new, exciting methods for treating a wide array of medical conditions and injuries. A great example of this in the field of podiatry is the increased capabilities and use of laser treatment.

At Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida, we use laser therapy to help treat our patients for various issues, including cases of embarrassing, unsightly fungal toenails.

A good starting point for understanding how a laser can treat fungal toenails is with the fact that lasers produce concentrated light energy of specific strengths and wavelengths. When this light energy is projected into tissue—like toenails and nailbeds—it is absorbed, which produces heat that destroys fungal spores, but without causing any pain or affecting healthy body tissue.

Healthy ToenailsLaser treatment is quite effective, since it is able to travel through the nail tissue, and produces no known side effects. As alluded to, the laser targets only the offensive microorganisms and leaves the rest of the tissue undamaged. The procedure is quick (a session is less than half an hour), FDA-approved, and patients walk out afterwards and are able to do any activities they had planned for the rest of the day.

This advanced treatment for fungal nails has certain advantages over traditional methods (oral and topical medications). Topical medications for toenail fungus can be effective for treating the infection on the surface level, but fail to eradicate fungus residing underneath the toenail. Oral medications can attack fungus underneath the nail via its bloodstream delivery, but may trigger unwanted side effects.

Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida is proud to serve the greater Orlando community with state-of-the-art foot and ankle care. It is our goal to improve patients’ lives by taking away pain and addressing problems—like fungal toenails—that cause embarrassment and self-consciousness.

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