Healthy Feet for a Fun Summer

Eugene Pascarella
Dr. Eugene Pascarella, with a desire to help people, began Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida in July 1984.

Summer is just about here, and all the fun that comes with it! The last thing you want is to have foot problems interfere with your plans and stop you from doing activities you enjoy. Never fear – we’ve got tips to keep your feet healthy and free from harm! So, when you’re breaking out your summer gear, keep this guideline for foot health handy.

Beware of blisters. New sandals are nice but don’t let them rub you the wrong way! Make sure when you buy them they feel comfortable from the get go, and Healthy feet walking in water on the beachprotect sensitive areas with bandages.

Don’t forget sunscreen. When you’re slathering on SPF, remember your feet are in the sun too!

Think twice about going barefoot. Not only can you sustain an injury, but you can pick up a fungus or virus, and that’s far from what we’d consider summertime fun!

Make sure to moisturize. Avoid dry, cracked skin by applying lotion after bathing, and drinking plenty of water.

Keep feet clean and dry. You’ll lower your risk of fungal infections, and cut down on sweat and odor, too.

Take precautions with pedicures. Fungi love to hang out in unsanitary spas. Don’t be a victim of toenail fungus! Before you book an appointment, make sure pedicure tools and foot baths are sterilized between clients.

Trim Properly. Lower your risk of ingrown toenails and other problems by cutting nails straight across and even with tips of toes.

Become a pumice stone pro. Never try to cut away calluses! Smooth dry patches safely with a pumice stone.

Wear the right shoes. To prevent injuries and other issues, footwear should fit well, offer plenty of cushion and support, and be correct for the activity in which you are participating.

Follow these tips for healthy feet so foot problems don’t take the fun out of your summer! Of course, if something does come up, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can reach us at 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County). We’ll be happy to help keep your feet safe and healthy all summer long!

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