Family Fun for the Fourth [4th of July Events in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and More!]

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With the 4th of July coming up quickly, it’s time to start reviewing your many options for celebrating our nation’s independence – and we are quite fortunate to have many of them in our local communities!

If you live in the greater Orlando area—and you are reading the blog for a central Florida podiatry practice, so we hope you do!—you undoubtedly are aware of the fact there are many 4th of July events being held at the various local theme parks.

Depending on your inclinations and preferences, you might want to check out Knight Lights at LEGOLAND Florida or celebrate our nation’s independence at SeaWorld, Universal Studios, or Disney World.

More likely, though, you’ll let the tourists attend those respective parks and instead opt for community events and celebrations like:

  • Red Hot & Boom (7/3). For over 20 years, this Altamonte Springs celebration features food, big-name performances, and, of course, an outstanding fireworks display. The festivities begin at 4pm, so make sure you bring out the family and get ready to “ooh and ahh” when the bright colors explode in the night sky!
  • Fireworks at the Fountain (7/4). Festivities for this Lake Eola Park event kick off at 4pm. While at the park, your kids can enjoy the play area, you might visit the beer garden, and the whole family can dance to the live music until the night sky fills with the spectacular fireworks display.
  • Wall St. Plaza's White & Brew (7/3 and 7/4). If you have no kids at home—or a reliable babysitter on speed-dial—you might want to head out to downtown Orlando on either the 3rd or 4th for the block parties featuring outdoor games, delicious food, live music, and tons of giveaways. The party starts at 8 pm on the 3rd and 4 pm on the 4th, and carries on until 2 am (for those who are still young) both days.
  • One local 4th of July option that might appeal to runners out there is the Florida Hospital Watermelon 5K, which starts at 7:00 am (so this is probably not for those who were up late at Wall St. Plaza on the 3rd…) in Winter Park. Something that is pretty cool about this run is that all military personnel and family get $10 off of registration.

If you want to keep your feet safe and injury-free when you run the Watermelon 5K—and want to create an awesome playlist for the race (or your training)—make sure to check out this blog post!

Gout-Friendly Eating on the 4th

As with many holidays, food can be a big part of the 4th. No matter if we’re talking about family get-togethers and picnics or attending events like Fireworks at the Fountain, there’s going to be some eating options – like grilled hot dogs, water melon, ice cream, and other holiday favorites!

If you or one of your family members live with gout, though, you always need to have a menu comprised of gout-friendly eating options.

Gout is an arthritic condition caused by uric acid, which is a natural byproduct of food breakdown. When the body produces too much uric acid, or cannot properly filter it out, issues arise. Food choices play a role in this because some foods (purines) lead to greater amounts of uric acid produced than others do.

When it comes to gout-friendly eating, this means adhering to dietary choices like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, lean meats (in limited amounts), low-fat dairy products, and drinking lots of water. Conversely, it is important to avoid or limit the amount of seafood, bacon, organ meats (liver, etc.), sweets (candy, baked goods), alcohol, and sugary beverages consumed.

With this in mind, you may want your 4th of July meals to be like such:

  • Breakfast - Fresh berries, a whole grain cereal, and low-fat milk. Enjoy a cup of coffee and then drink a full glass of water.
  • Lunch – Enjoy some chicken on a whole grain roll and a side salad of mixed greens topped with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Once again, wash it down with another glass of water.
  • Afternoon snack – Eat a cup of cherries and drink a glass of water (yes, there’s a theme here!).
  • Dinner – Grilled chicken, roasted green beans, and ½ cup of whole-grain pasta. Probably no big surprise, but stick with water as your beverage. For dessert, choose some low-fat yogurt and a cup of fresh melon.

A meal plan like this is gout-friendly eating, but you may need additional measures to help manage the condition. Our team can help you create a plan to keep gout in check!

To find some of the foods you need for a gout-friendly diet, you should take just a moment to read our blog post on local farmers markets!

Free Your Feet – No Hiding Your Toenails Anymore!

If you want to wear sandals without worrying about embarrassment on this summer holiday, then you need to know how to prevent fungal toenails.

Now, fungal nails can be a treatable condition—particularly with our advanced laser therapy—but it takes time for new, clear nail tissue to grow back. Accordingly, there isn’t enough time to clear up a fungal toenail infection for this year’s Fourth of July.

That doesn’t mean you should ignore toenail fungus!

On the contrary, this is a condition that will only continue to worsen over time. As such, the best practice is to start treatment as soon as possible.

Once we have restored your toenails back to health, it’s important to take measures to keep the infection from returning. Even better is if you’re able to prevent the condition from developing in the first place. Either way, fungal nail prevention measures to follow include:

  • Wash your feet every day. Use mild soap and warm water to wash off any potential contaminants. Afterwards, dry them thoroughly, being carefully to ensure that you include the areas between the toes (where fungus and bacteria can start to grow).
  • Choose moisture-wicking socks. Certain fabrics are better at wicking away moisture than others. A key component to preventing fungal toenails is to keep your feet dry, so pick up socks that are made from materials like wool, polypropylene, and nylon.
  • Change damp socks. If you are working out or suffer from hyperhidrosis (a condition marked by excessive sweating), be sure to have a dry set of socks to change into once your others are damp.
  • Wear shoes that are constructed from breathable materials. In addition to buying closed shoes that still allow your feet to breathe, wear open-toed footwear or sandals when possible. As long as you do not live with diabetes, go barefoot at home to further decrease the risk of a fungal infection.
  • Protect your feet in public. Common sources of the fungi that lead to infection include pool decks, locker rooms, and shower areas. When visiting any such places, wear shower shoes or sandals to protect your feet. Also, make sure you are wearing your own and not borrowing someone else’s.
  • Alternate your shoes. Have two pairs of shoes that you can wear on alternating days. This will allow each pair 24 hours to thoroughly dry out between uses.

It’s important to note that even with the best preventative practices, there is still a chance that toenail fungus strikes. When this is the case, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide the treatment you need to get your nails back to a clear, healthy state.

Safe and Healthy Feet All Summer Long

Optimal foot health gives you options in life. If you need foot care advice to keep feet healthy and functioning well, please feel free to read our blog and check out other areas of our website. When you do, you’ll find an abundance of tips and information that will put you ahead of the game for foot care!

Of course, if problems have already developed—or you have a condition that was unavoidable—contact Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida today by calling 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County). One of our team members will help you set up an appointment with whichever of our five offices is most convenient for you.

If you’d prefer, you can also take a moment and contact us online right now through our convenient online form!

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