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Sohail Siddiqui
Dr. Sohail Siddiqui provides the best possible foot and ankle care with conservative therapy and treatment.


The goal of our practice is to help fellow Floridians overcome foot pain. We do so because we know foot and ankle injuries and conditions keep you from doing the things in life you most enjoy doing. This is why we are pleased to provide comprehensive podiatric services for so many people from across our central Florida communities.

In order to reach the greatest possible number of patients in need of expert foot care, we have several locations – including our Kissimmee office.

Sure, those of us who live in the area know Kissimmee is a special community, but we’ve garnered national recognition as well!

In case you hadn’t heard, Kissimmee was named by Expedia as one of the “8 cities that will inspire your staycation.” So how did our local community receive this distinction? Well, the travel site was looking for municipalities featuring the best opportunities for relaxation, delicious eats, and even a little excitement – and we have these in spades.

According to Expedia, the key for an outstanding staycation experience is to explore sites you hadn’t previously visited and splurging a little in ways you probably wouldn’t on a typical day. In doing so, you can see your hometown with new eyes.

Kissimmee was singled out because our beautiful waterfront scenery, delicious hometown cuisine, and relaxation opportunities form a combination that is hard to beat!

Specific recommendations from Expedia for things to do while on a Kissimmee staycation include:

  • Spending time relaxing on East Lake Toho
  • Visiting the Kissimmee Air Museum
  • Taking flight with Warbird Adventures
  • Embracing our local history by checking out the Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek
  • Exploring Old Town, and especially taking advantage of the Ferris wheel

Now, one bone that can be picked with the site’s article is the fact they mention a couple of events – but only ones in January and February. Yes, it’s cool they gave recognition to the MLK Parade and Unity Festival, Osceola County Fair, and Sunshine Regional Chili Cook-Off, but those have been done for some time.

(Maybe we can give them a pass on that, though, since they did highlight the Chocolate Kingdom Factory Tour.)

Since the events Expedia did single out won’t take place again until next year, we have a couple of upcoming ones that are happening in the near future.

Easter Egg Hunt

For example, this Saturday (3/31)—between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM—Denn John Fields is the host site for Kissimmee's Easter Eggstravaganza.

If you’re a parent of young children (and don’t already have plans for the day), you might want to bring your kids out to meet the Easter Bunny, have their faces painted, and participate in fun, interactive games. Naturally, since it is an Easter-themed event, there will be candy for the young ones.

If all of that isn’t enough to excite your children, there are also going be bounce houses set up – which will help the kids burn off any extra energy after eating chocolates and other Easter candy.

Perhaps the best part for you—it’s doubtful little kids will care much about this—is that the event is free.

For a different experience, you might want to head out to the City of Kissimmee Civic Center on April 6 for the monthly Food Truck Rodeo. Sponsored by Food Trucks in the City, this event “brings unique and delicious flavors to downtown Kissimmee.” There’s no actual cost to attend, but you can expect to pay for food from local vendors (which hopefully isn’t terribly surprising).

In addition to the delicious food, there is also music and a cash bar. Make sure you and your family are out there between 6 – 9 PM if you don’t want to miss this fun-filled event.

This block party is a great way to support local businesses in our community, but it’s not the only one!

Farmers Market

If you want to support our local economy and eat healthy—and both are actually in your best interest—you need to check out the Kissimmee Valley Farmers Market.

Starting on April 12 and recurring weekly (every Tuesday) between the hours of 3 – 7 PM, you can stop by the market for a selection of seasonal produce, gourmet soups, and fresh pasta. While there, you can also pick up handcrafted soaps – which really don’t have much to do with healthy eating, but make for great gifts if you’re stumped on birthday gift ideas for anyone in your life!

Speaking of healthy eating, you can probably think of numerous reasons to do so, but don’t underestimate the importance of this for your foot health. And especially in the sake of managing and preventing diabetes (since the disease can create very serious problems for your feet).

There are obviously many opportunities for places to go and things to do in Kissimmee. That said, you likely won’t be particularly interested or enthused about them if you have foot or ankle pain. Even something like an ingrown toenail can cause pain and discomfort to the point you’ll just want to stay at home and miss out on everything the community has to offer.

If a lower limb injury or condition is keeping you from enjoying life, we can help!

Our team is experienced and uses advanced treatment so you and your loved ones can overcome foot or ankle issues as quickly as possible. To learn more about Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida, please feel free to explore our website and take advantage of the free information we provide.

If you have any questions or would like to request an appointment with any of our Florida offices, call 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (if calling from Lake County). If it’s easier for you, we have an online form so you can contact us right now.

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