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Have you tried a series of home remedies to ease your condition? Our blog offers advice from our licensed Florida podiatrists, helping patients get fast relief for their foot and ankle pain. Come back often for tips on choosing orthopedic inserts, relieving joint stress, and more. 

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  • Surgery vs. Conservative Care (for Bunions, Hammertoe, and Flatfoot) It might not seem as though bunion, hammertoe, and flatfoot conditions would have too much in common, but you’d be surprised. In fact, one commonality is that each of these medical issues can be treated either with conservative or surgical treatments. The exact treatment the doctors at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida are able to use so you can find relief will depend on your particular situation.
  • Family Fun for the Fourth [4th of July Events in Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and More!] The team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida share some local opportunities to celebrate our nation’s independence – for every member of the family. Given their reputation as the leading Orlando podiatry practice, it’s only natural that the doctors also share some foot health tips so you can enjoy the holiday and all the festivities it brings!
  • The BEST Running Playlist for Floridians When you go for a run—which is an outstanding form of exercise—having the right songs to move you along can make a huge difference in your training. The team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida have taken the time to put together a new running playlist for you – one that consists of bands that are connected to Florida. Make sure you queue up “The BEST Running Playlist for Floridians” before you lace up your shoes and get started on your run.
  • Eat Farmers Market Fresh (It Even Helps Your Feet!) Shopping at any of our local Orlando farmers markets is a great way to make sure you are eating clean and contributing to your health – including your foot health. Find out why clean eating is such a smart practice and how shopping at a farmers market can help make it easier for you.
  • Baseball Injuries Baseball and softball are played by millions of people across the country. Ballplayers have a certain degree of risk for foot and ankle injuries, as is the case with any physical activity. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to stay safe while participating in our national pastime!
  • Earth Day in Orlando The team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida is proud to be a part of the Central Florida community – and want the area to maintain its natural beauty. With Earth Day coming up quickly, they take the time to highlight some of the local events and activities taking place across the greater Orlando area.
  • Enjoy Kissimmee (Without Foot or Ankle Pain!) Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida is proud to provide expert podiatric care at all of their locations – including the Kissimmee office. They are also proud of the community’s recognition by Expedia as one of the top places for a staycation. Have your foot problems treated today so you can enjoy everything Kissimmee has to offer!
  • Advanced Diagnostics at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida The podiatric experts at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida will tell you the first step in effectively treating a condition is a proper diagnosis. Learn how the advanced diagnostics offered at their Florida offices are key to putting your foot pain in the past!
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Bunions (Plus, a Little More!) Dr. Villani provides a comprehensive look at bunions, covering everything from why they happen to what the Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida team can do about them. Given that these are best addressed at early stages, you need to know what to look out for. (Fortunately, Dr. Villani covers that, too!)
  • Ingrown Toenails Dr. Wagner from Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida provides a comprehensive look at ingrown toenails—from why they happen to how you can prevent them (and everything in between)—so you can better understand this common problem.