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Have you tried a series of home remedies to ease your condition? Our blog offers advice from our licensed Florida podiatrists, helping patients get fast relief for their foot and ankle pain. Come back often for tips on choosing orthopedic inserts, relieving joint stress, and more. 

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  • Why a Podiatrist is Best for Foot & Ankle Trauma When foot trauma hits, a podiatrist should be your first choice for treatment. The experts at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida have the experience and knowledge to provide the most effective help.
  • How to Prevent Sports Injuries We’re no strangers to sports injuries here at Foot and Ankle Associates of Florida. An active lifestyle is great for your health, but even the best athlete is susceptible to injuries. Learn how to prevent sports injuries with the right course of action.
  • Can Children Get Ingrown Toenails? [Plus Prevention Tips] Is your child’s toe painful, red, and inflamed near the spot where their nail meets their skin? They might have an ingrown toenail! We offer expert prevention and treatment tips!
  • Get Your Feet Ready for the Holidays No matter how you celebrate, the simple fact is this: the holiday season will be here before you know it! As it comes barreling towards us, you want to make sure that you are ready—including making sure your feet are ready to carry you through the season! The team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida takes the time to share some tips so your feet will be feeling and functioning their best during this busy time of the year.
  • 4 Ways to Prevent Toe Deformities We provide exceptional care and treatment for toe deformities. But you can prevent them from developing, too! Check out four ways to prevent toe deformities.
  • Is Foot Surgery the Way to Go? We usually view foot surgery as a last resort, we also know that many times it is the best effective option to help restore your lifestyle. Is it right for you?
  • Meet Dr. German Mikheyev! Meet the newest member of the Foot and Ankle Associates of Florida team—Dr. German Mikheyev. Learn about Dr. Mikheyev's background and see why his extensive training is exactly what you and your family need when overcoming podiatric problems. More than seeing why he's the right choice from his educational experience, see what kind of involvement he's had with various charitable organizations and events, and then feel free to ask Dr. Mikheyev about them when you see him around!
  • At-Home Care for Heel Pain Depending on certain factors, you might be able to take steps at home to resolve heel pain! We can help with diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Banish Big Toe Pain Today! Our team is excited to offer a new treatment option that can help overcome big toe pain. Learn about how you might benefit from this revolutionary product.
  • Top Walking Shoes for Sightseeing (or Strolling Around Town!) The team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida are ready to help you choose the best walking shoes for sightseeing in Orlando or just strolling around town!