5 Reasons Your Child May Need Orthotics

Curtis Wagner
Dr. Curtis Wagner provides both conservative and surgical care for bunions, ingrown nails and sports injuries.

One of the best tools we have at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida to eliminate foot pain is the use of orthotic devices.  Orthotics for our younger patients can be quite helpful.Orthotics can help ease foot and ankle pain in children

When we talk about orthotics, we do not usually mean the over-the-counter, mass-produced shoe inserts you can buy at retail stores and nationwide pharmacies. Instead, we are referring to the type that is customized for your child’s unique feet by our medical professionals. Store-bought inserts can provide extra cushioning and even a little extra arch support, but they are not intended to treat most medical conditions.

Generally speaking, there are two main categories of orthotics – accommodative and functional.

Accommodative orthotic devices are intended to relieve pressure or cushion certain areas of the foot, while functional orthotics correct abnormal foot function. So in a general context, your child might need orthotics for either cushioning or motion correction.

While cushioning or motion correction are the general reasons for orthotics, more specific issues, and conditions include:

  1. Flatfoot – Although cases of flexible flatfoot may not require treatment, pain from a flatfoot condition can often be addressed with the use of orthotic devices.
  2. Juvenile bunions – Bunions do not only happen to adult men and women. Children can develop juvenile bunions and, if they do, orthotics can relieve pain and slow the condition’s progression.
  3. Cavus foot – In addition to low arches, high foot arches can also cause issues, including those stemming from uneven pressure distribution.
  4. Limb length deformity – Some young patients benefit from custom-made full-contact orthoses.
  5. Forefoot pain – Wide shoes or special bars underneath the forefoot bones can relieve metatarsalgia when it develops in younger patients.

There are potentially other reasons that our doctors may recommend or prescribe orthotic devices for your son or daughter. Of course, the only way to know if your child will benefit from this kind of treatment is to bring him or her in for an appointment with any of our Orlando, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Mt. Dora, or Kissimmee offices.

Contact Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida by calling 407-339-7759 or 352-589-9550 (for those calling from Lake County) and we will be glad to provide additional information or help you set up an office visit. If you prefer, you can also request an appointment online right now.

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