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Have you tried a series of home remedies to ease your condition? Our blog offers advice from our licensed Florida podiatrists, helping patients get fast relief for their foot and ankle pain. Come back often for tips on choosing orthopedic inserts, relieving joint stress, and more. 

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  • How to Prevent Sports Injuries We’re no strangers to sports injuries here at Foot and Ankle Associates of Florida. An active lifestyle is great for your health, but even the best athlete is susceptible to injuries. Learn how to prevent sports injuries with the right course of action.
  • The BEST Running Playlist for Floridians When you go for a run—which is an outstanding form of exercise—having the right songs to move you along can make a huge difference in your training. The team at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida have taken the time to put together a new running playlist for you – one that consists of bands that are connected to Florida. Make sure you queue up “The BEST Running Playlist for Floridians” before you lace up your shoes and get started on your run.
  • Overcoming Overuse Injuries When it comes to overuse injuries, rest is your friend, say the experts at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida.
  • How to Know When Your Running Shoes Have Had Enough Worn out running shoes can increase your risk of injuries. Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida shares when to get a new pair.
  • The Risks of Being a Weekend Warrior Diving into activities when you’ve been sedentary all week increases your risk of injury, warns Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida.
  • How Swimming Makes You a Better Runner Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida explains how including swimming into your running routine helps prevent injury and improve performance.
  • Golf Foot and Ankle Injuries That are Par for the Course Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida describes common foot and ankle injuries in golf, and the symptoms to watch for so you can seek help.
  • Is Your Golf Swing Causing Your Foot Pain? Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida explains how foot injuries can occur when playing golf and what you can do to prevent them.
  • First Aid for Summer Sports Injuries Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida shares first aid tips so you know what to do if a summer sports injury happens to you!
  • Symptoms of Running Injuries You Should Know Learn about the symptoms of common running injuries from the professionals at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida.