Conditions and Treatments Serviced in Our Florida Podiatry Clinic

If you have a foot or ankle problem or injury, don’t wait, contact us today. We provide both surgical and non-surgical treatments for a wide variety of conditions including:

You can feel confident entrusting your foot and ankle health to our care.

Diabetic Foot CareDiabetic Foot Care

Living with diabetes requires constant care and attention to your feet. We offer comprehensive plans for diabetic foot care.

Laser TreatmentLaser Treatment

Relieve pain and improve your mobility with laser therapy! 

Skin and Nail ConditionsSkin and Nail Conditions

We can provide the care and treatment you need when you develop an issue with your foot skin or toenail! 

Custom Orthotics and BracesCustom Orthotics and Braces

One of the most versatile tools we use to help you find the pain relief you need is a pair of custom orthotics. 

Sports InjuriesSports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen to anybody that is physically active. We offer care and treatment options for these types of injuries, as well as preventative measures so they don't happen in the first place.


When conservative treatments aren't enough trust Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida to provide you with the best care!


If your foot or ankle issue is caused by physical trauma or has another origin, you can find the effective care and treatment you need! 

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Heel and Arch PainHeel and Arch Pain

If pain in your heel or arch is keeping you from leading an active lifestyle trust the professionals at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida!

Pediatric Foot CarePediatric Foot Care

Children and their developing feet can have unique needs and sometimes are more susceptible to certain medical conditions.

Senior Foot CareSenior Foot Care

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Rare Foot ConditionsRare Foot Conditions