Treating Spider Veins

Curtis Wagner
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Dr. Curtis Wagner provides both conservative and surgical care for bunions, ingrown nails and sports injuries.

Last week, I blogged about spider veins, and mentioned that many women develop them as they grow older.  Spider veins are the very small blood vessels near the surface of the skin that become dilated, no longer carry blood efficiently, and become visible. They may look like a single thread, or a cluster - like a "spiderweb". Causes are mostly hereditary, though long hours of sitting or standing can aggravate the condition.

Various procedures are available - with most spider veins treated by laser or injections. You may experience a slight burning sensation during treatment, but no significant pain. You will be required to wear a support stocking for a few days after the procedure. If your spider veins cover a large area, it may take several sessions to remove all of the veins.

Costs for treatments vary - but fall into the $200.-$500. range per session. Treatment is usually not covered by insurance, but the cosmetic results can be tremendously satisfying!

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