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Curtis Wagner
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Dr. Curtis Wagner provides both conservative and surgical care for bunions, ingrown nails and sports injuries.
It is nearing the end of the summer and those monthly pedicures to keep toes in perfect polished condition may have left your nails discolored.  The change could be due to a number of reasons,  but two of the main culprits are fungus or the polish itself.  If red, orange, or dark pink nail polish is used, the dye in the polish can leech into the nails and leave them with a yellow tinge.  A base coat can be used so the color is not painted directly on the nail.  The second problem may actually be a nail fungus.  Nail polish covers the nail and holds in moisture, allowing the fungus to grow.  Nail fungus can occur with clear or colored polish.  Preventing the incubation of nail fungus can be done by limiting the amount of time nail polish is left on the nail.  Removing nail polish after 7 - 10 days and keeping it off for 1 - 2 months is a key in preventing the growth of the fungus.  If the discolored nail does not improve after a 1 - 2 month time period without polish. . .make an appointment with your podiatrist to discuss treatment options.
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