Keeping Kids’ Feet Safe on Halloween

Matthew F Villani
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Many youths from our community will likely be heading to the Orlando Public Library and History Center for the time-honored Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating. When they do, it is important to take measures to keep kids’ feet safe and injury-free. Otherwise, it will put a damper on what should be a lot of fun at the Trick or Treat Safe Zone Block Party – an event complete with face painting, crafts, a scavenger hunt, and, of course, candy.

With regards to child foot safety during Halloween, there are two main considerations – visibility and footwear. Visibility is pretty straightforward. Your child should be able to see well if he or she is wearing a mask. The reason behind this is simply that a mask that obstructs his or her vision could lead to misjudging a step or not seeing something on the ground and sustaining a sprained ankle or other injury.

Footwear is an important safety consideration, especially if your son or daughter is going to spend a lot of time trick-or-treating. Make sure your child is wearing shoes that are comfortable and structurally sound, and that his or her orthotics are in them (if applicable). Arch support and heel cushioning are important for injury prevention. Now, he or she might argue that Anna from Frozen or Batman (as examples) do not wear athletic shoes, but you need to overrule them on this one!

Other potential foot considerations for next year would be plantar wart removal and ingrown toenail treatment. Even better is to prevent these issues from developing in the first place, but it is a little late for this Halloween. What you can do, though, is make sure your child’s shoes have wide, deep toe boxes to prevent irritation from an ingrown nail and use padding under a plantar wart (but make sure you do not make skin-to-skin contact with it!).

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For more information on how you can keep kids’ feet safe—all year long!—contact Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida. We can provide additional info for you, along with the treatment your son or daughter needs when lower limb issues arise. Connect with us by calling 407-339-7759 (or 352-589-9550 if you are in Lake County) or requesting an appointment online for any of our five locations – Lake Mary, Mt. Dora, Altamonte Springs, Kissimmee, and Orlando.


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