Do you want to get rid of your toenail fungus? Learn more about our Laser Treatment system that is safe for all skin types.

Robert T. Hoover, II
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Dr. Robert Hoover's specialties include treating flat feet and associated issues such as bunions.

The holidays came early to Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida this year! Someone must have been "extra nice." We purchased a new laser system. This system can be used to treat a multitude of different conditions. Treatments range from eliminating fungal nail problems to getting rid of pesky toe/foot hair.

This laser targets the blood source (hemoglobin) not the melanin in the body. Thus making the procedure safe for all skin types. The laser produces a flat beam which allows for even heating which greatly reduces any risk of a burn. A special plus is the cooling feature (a hand held unit that the patient can control themselves.) The long pulse delivery allows a precise amount of heat directed to the desired location.

Check it out! We will be happy to show you before and after pictures of different procedures. Let the skilled podiatrists at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida care for all of your foot or ankle problems in the New Year!

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