Choosing Shoes After Pregnancy

In my last blog, I answered the question about whether or not a woman's foot size changes during pregnancy.  Simply stated, "No it is not a myth, a woman's feet can and very often do get larger during pregnancy and chances are, after giving birth, your feet will not return to your pre-pregnancy shoe size.

The most important thing to remember when buying shoes after giving birth - is to buy the right shoes.  Shoes that will provide the support that your feet and ankles need as well as shoes that fit correctly.  Tip - have your feet measured - both feet - one foot may be slightly larger, so buy shoes to fit the larger foot.  The shoe for the foot that is slightly smaller can be made to fit more easily than trying to put a too big foot into a too small shoe.

Stay away from stiletto heels and pointy-toe shoes.  Shoes with a moderate heel may be most comfortable because they tend to lessen the strain on already overstretched muscles and tendons.  Flats may be a big part of your wardrobe, but can be a problem if you wear them every day.  Try alternating your flats with shoes that have a moderate heel or slight wedge-style heel.

Shop for shoes in the afternoon, because everyone's feet tend to swell during the day.  And finally, don't fall into the trap of buying shoes that are too stiff or too tight and expect that you will "break them in."  Most likely that will never happen!

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