Are Pedicures Safe?

Curtis Wagner
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Dr. Curtis Wagner provides both conservative and surgical care for bunions, ingrown nails and sports injuries.
We all want our feet to be summer-time ready and that means our toes as well. So the question often arises, "are pedicures safe?"  Most of the time they are safe and can actually serve as an effective screening tool. A good pedicurist will not only cleanse your feet, trim your nails, and gently buff your callouses, but will closely examine your feet. She/he may spot potential problems such as ingrown toenails, fungal or bacterial infections, and skin fissures. An early referral to a podiatrist and appropriate treatment could be the result.

Avoid having a pedicure if you have poor circulation, or have diabetes that is poorly controlled. Also, avoid any spas that have less than sanitary cleaning or sterilization practices.

So treat yourself (guys as well) - a pedicure feels good and another set of eyes looking at your feet just might be a good thing!
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