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Have you tried a series of home remedies to ease your condition? Our blog offers advice from our licensed Florida podiatrists, helping patients get fast relief for their foot and ankle pain. Come back often for tips on choosing orthopedic inserts, relieving joint stress, and more. 

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  • Is Foot Surgery the Way to Go? We usually view foot surgery as a last resort, we also know that many times it is the best effective option to help restore your lifestyle. Is it right for you?
  • Surgery vs. Conservative Care (for Bunions, Hammertoe, and Flatfoot) It might not seem as though bunion, hammertoe, and flatfoot conditions would have too much in common, but you’d be surprised. In fact, one commonality is that each of these medical issues can be treated either with conservative or surgical treatments. The exact treatment the doctors at Foot & Ankle Associates of Florida are able to use so you can find relief will depend on your particular situation.